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For many thousands of years of civilization women differently struggled with excess hair, sometimes the most ruthless and painful ways. However, current technology does not stand still and offer affordable, painless and long lasting ways of laser hair removal and using compact home appliances. What is different from the laser photoepilators and that effective?

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Almost every modern girl from the early years concerned with the problem of unwanted hair. Only a few lucky women can boast of marvelous nature and tender skin without unwanted vegetation. Everyone is familiar with shaving, waxing and sugar (shugaring), enzyme hair removal creams and gels, hair removal using electrodepilator, hair removal using an electric current, and more. None of these methods is durable, safe and painless, not to mention the total cost of the procedure, accessories and all kinds of accessories purchased by a woman throughout life.

After all the applications of all these methods of hair removal, if not all, then most women are faced with the problem of ingrown hair. Dermatologists are increasingly recognizing that the ingrown hair becomes of this disease, because of the appearance of the first such hair should be following, then there is extensive subcutaneous inflammation – and you can only admire the traces of its former beauty and tenderness of the skin.


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Another thing – modern portable photo and laser epilators, which can be purchased for home use. They replaced a large salon and medical devices for hair removal. Before they can be used only in a medical center or a professional beauty salon. Doctors and beauticians specially trained in the new technology of hair removal salons and centers in Europe bought / used equipment, while women pay more money for dozens of procedures. Now all has changed dramatically. By investing once the money into a small and convenient device, every woman can make the required number of procedures right at home at any time. In addition, it is very convenient for friends who can buy the device and use it together.

Let’s see, what is the difference photoepilators and laser epilators from each other.

The technology uses a laser hair removal laser of a particular wavelength, which acts on the hair itself and hair follicle. The color pigment melanin, which is contained in the hair and gives it a particular color, absorbs the laser wave, very hot, and then destroyed, along with the hair follicles. After some time after the procedure damaged hair falls out, leaving the skin smooth. Depending on the type of hair after 5-8 regular procedures achieved the disappearance of up to 90% of all hair. Girl with dark hair have to increase the number of procedures to 10-15 due to the physiological characteristics.

Portable laser epilators are low cost, that affect every hair individually, and more expensive – with a scanning function, which when you hover on the skin and the hairs themselves determine their location and the complex are affected. With such devices can be processed at a time not exceeding 60mm2 skin. If you do not have extra money and have a lot of thinking, then home hair removal device can be advised Rio Dezac Salon Laser. If you would like to epilate hair laser with greater comfort, you should try a model with homing laser and scanning function Rio Dezac X60 and Rio Dezac LAHS-3000. All home laser devices exist Eye protection against laser, and they work only when the device is pressed firmly against the skin. Their use will bring you great pleasure and fully pay off.

With regard photoepilators, their biggest advantage is the area of skin treatment. In a single flash can be treated 6sm2, ie approximately 180-200 hairs. The impact of this device is very similar to the effect of laser epilation, but in this case, the hair affects the light wave, which also affects the melanin, the hair structure and its root. In the process of hair removal you will not feel any pain – only the heat from the light beam. The power of the flash is set up in such a way that you never get burned. Thanks to the machine for hair removal time of the procedure is significantly reduced compared with laser epilators. However, when buying such a device is necessary to note that after every need 2-3 treatments will change the lamp. Among the models enjoying success worth noting HPLight, Rio IPL-8000 and Sensepil. More than 85% of consumers indicated significant results already after the first few treatments.

Compared photoepilators and Laser Hair Removal, we can note the following. Laser epilator features a large resource, low processing area and more suitable for people with dark hair. It can be successfully applied even on dark skin. Fotoepilyatsionnye devices treated for one big flash of skin area, the lamps have a small share, but they are recommended for people with fair skin and blonde hair. Using both types of epilators is equally suited to both women and men and is completely painless.


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